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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goals for the New Year

Of course it's not too late, the year is only a week old...

-Craft 15 hours a week (that means sitting at my table doing something)
-List 7 items a week
-Make $5,000 in gross sales this year, via the Internet and craft shows ($5,000 doesn't sound like much but it would be double last year's take. I'm a fan of attainable goals.)
-Marketing and promotion: Look for ways to do these while maintaining some semblance of dignity. Do I need to say more? I have some thoughts about Internet social networking that I might share later.

-Lose some poundage (see post below).
-Better overall time management, which ties in with my business goals.
-Organize house. Last year I purged the kids' rooms and either sold off or donated the excess/unneeded toys. That was a good start. We're not big buyers of "stuff," but somehow it manages to accumulate anyway.
-Continue paying off those pesky bills. Last year we made a budget, which was painful at first, but it's working. I found I don't mind cooking vs. dining out, going to the library vs. the bookstore... things of that nature.

Let's see how this all turns out!

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